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Born in 1991, Muko City, Kyoto, Japan




 In my high school days, I got an accident injury on my left leg and had a surgery. Since then, I have used a stick to walk.

I faced difficulty to go to full-time high school so I dropped out.

Spending lives and searching a job were harder than general people.

But my hands move. I decided to be a painter to make a living.

I learned painting by myself. Yes, in my childhood, my dream was to be a painter.

Now my left leg has recovered and no need to surgery, which allowed me to enter correspondence high school.

This year I graduate correspondence high school and become a correspondence college student.

I am a person with special needs to spend lives and to go out. I am able to walk with using a stick. However, because of disease, I must sit with stretching my left leg, or my left leg get worse.

My core business is painting, sometimes writing articles, model activity and appearing on media.



Painting Style

I have never taken professional art education. Little knowledge about painting I have.
The followings are my paintings style.


1. The shapes bring me a lot of inspiration

At the beginning of a work, drawing shapes. The shapes bring me a lot of inspiration, I feel it is like an association game. 

Based on my experience of technical drawing, I regard shapes as a basis of painting inspiration. 
In addition, setting a theme, talking a client, which also bring me a lot of inspiration.

 In this way, painting at random. 


2. Leaving impressive works or sceneries with a memory

I have practiced painting a lot, but it is still hard to paint a beautiful work.

But sometimes I can do it after watching impressive works or sceneries. 

So when finding an impressive work or scenery, closing my eyes and leaving it with a memory. Stopping to look at an object with silent. Just as if I were a photographer.

This is my ordinary for painting.


3. Painting what I found there

Looking at white wall at night, sometimes I find something there.

Also being tired, sometimes I find something there. 

I rush painting them rapidly. 

These phenomenons happen suddenly. 

What I found leaves in a memory, and it erases after I paint it.

Even completed the work, I don’t forget what I found.

 I cannot understand and explain why these phenomenons happen, but it is clear that my works that I painted in this way often receive a high evaluation.

Now I cannot imagine my works evaluated without this way.

Painting in this way is hard on my body, however it helps me to do a good performance. 

 There is one more way. What I found does not always leave in a memory. 

Sometimes I find something in my brain suddenly and I paint it very rapidly.

The painting is one of a kind. It inspires me an idea of lyric, music and novel.

Used material

Painting with acrylic paint on cloth, wall, canvas and so on.